Month: November 2013

Tiny Little Film Festival

Originally published on #ARTNYC on November 12, 2013

Can you tell a story in six seconds? HashtagArt went to the first Vine Film Festival in Brooklyn to find out.

Bat House, a warehouse work space in Bushwick, was stuffed with 20 something hipsters, enjoying free cans of Bronx Pale Ale while watching Vine videos projected on the walls on Saturday night.

Vine Film Fest celebrated the very short video format on Vine, a smartphone app where users can shoot, upload and share six seconds videos.

What kind of stories can you tell in six seconds? Melanie Schnitzlein and Karly Snajczuk – together the comedy duo Weird Carbs and also members of the Bushwick-based women’s performers collective Babe – challenged their friends and followers to get creative and submit their best Vines to their new festival by posting them under the hashtag #tinylittlevideos. And hundreds of users did.

Schnitzlein said she was surprised of the popularity. “We thought of it as a joke,” she said. “We love Vine, so we set up the hashtag. Then we got hundreds of videos, and they were really funny.”

Which one was your favorite?

“My own,” she said, laughing.

Schnitzlein and Snajczuk were, however, generous giving out awards for best Vines in categories such as “Most Educational”, “Most Magical”, “Funniest” “Best How-to” and “Best Use of a Dildo”. The winner of the latter, Christian Porrovechio, who teaches computer skills in a prison by day, made his video with the dildo his mother gave him when he moved away to college. “It was a weird Mother’s Day gift,” he said. “I use Vine every week anyway, just for fun, so I might as well use the hashtag.”

Schnitzlein promised this wasn’t the last Vine Film Festival.

Follow @Vine_Film_Fest on Twitter for updates and check out the videos at #tinylittlevideos on Vine.